Leander Games Software

Leander Games first came into being in 2008. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Leander Games has burst onto the scene, with a unique selection of online casino games. Because of its location and core audience, Leander Games has a pretty solid grasp on the Latin American online gambling market.

Unlike many other developers, Leander Games’ strength tends to be in more traditional casino games, such as table poker. Some of their other casino games include roulette, blackjack and bingo. That isn’t to say that Leander doesn’t make slots, because they do. One of their most popular slot machine games is the Megadeth slot.

One of Leander Games most appealing features is their Reely Series. With this method, they combine traditional casino games and slots, allowing you to play a poker or roulette themed slot machine game, with original features. These games are quite unlike any others developed by rival companies.

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